Washing Machine & Dishwasher Repair Service, Waterloo & Walworth & se17

Unexpected Appliance Emergency? South Lambeth Plumbers Are Just A Phone Call Away

We have all experienced it: the steady drip, drip, drip of a leaking faucet. The clogging of a bathroom sink. A washing machine that doesn’t seem to run as well as it used to. Slow moving water that seems to sit stagnant in your kitchen sink. When problems like this arise, call on the expert services of South Lambeth Plumbers. Our dedicated staff is on call twenty four hours to clear blockages and repair appliances.

When Should I Call A Plumber?

Toilet Troubles - Some minor malfunctions are easy for you to remedy. If your toilet has a small hiccup, by all means, reach for a plunger and attack the job yourself. But if after two hours, the water level in your bowl has yet to recede, call on the services of a plumber. He or she will be best able to determine the best plan of action to restore your bathroom to full working order.

Washing Machine Out Of Whack - Washing machines are appliances that do a lot of work in more than half the time it would take for you to wash clothes manually. Each machine is filled with thousands of intricate parts that work together to clean your clothes and wring excess water from them. If any one of the many mechanisms fails to work correctly, it could mean disaster for your plans to do laundry.

Boiler Breakdown - The worst time for your boiler to stop working is during the cold winter months. Our staff does more than repair leaky faucets. We are trained to service boilers according to manufactures specifications as well as upgrade parts and install completely new systems.

Dishwasher Despair - Clogged drains and worn out hoses are the most likely culprits. Our specialists can quickly diagnose and repair this vital kitchen appliance have you on the path to clean dishes in no time.

Our Commitment To You

We care so much about establishing new relationships and maintaining existing ones, that we clearly explain our charges at the time of every booking so all of our customers know exactly what they are paying before the plumber is sent out to carry on one of our emergency plumbing services. There are few things worse than allocating funds for a repair service only to be subject to unexpected fees and add ons. Because we hold your best interests at heart, we work hard to make sure we inform you of all costs associated with labor, parts and time expenditure so as not to laden you with unexpected burdens later on.

Local to Waterloo and Walworth, South Lambeth Plumbers are ready to service your home, no matter the hour. Because we wholeheartedly stand by our repairs, our work is guaranteed, one hundred percent. Our estimates are competitive and we shop around for the best market deals so that we may pass the savings along to you, our customer.